10 Cool Jobs that pays you to have Fun

A Dream Career Come True

Do what you love, as the saying goes, and the money will follow. But is it really possible to get paid to play? Believe it or not, with the right education and career training, you can work at the job you've always dreamed of. After all, if you find a job you love, work will always be fun! Here's a look at some of the coolest jobs around, and how you can land one yourself.

1. Chocolate Taster: Yes, your business card could read 'Professional Chocolate Taster" or "Freelance Consultant in the Chocolate Field." Chocolate tasters help chocolate makers develop new flavors, ensure quality, and perform market research. Extensive chocolate-tasting experience alone won't land you this dream job. Tasters recommend culinary school or pastry chef training, with an emphasis in business courses such as marketing and product development.

2. E-Commerce Entrepreneur: From photography to pet grooming, you can turn just about any hobby into a home business. E-commerce entrepreneurs sell products, services, and/or advertising space via a website "storefront." As an e-commerce entrepreneur, you have access to the ultimate market for any hobby--the world. An online marketing degree will help you find that market, and make a name for your business in cyberspace.

3. Fashion Buyer: You love to shop... why not get paid for it? Fashion buyers make their living attending fashion shows, spotting trends, and buying clothing that sells. Besides an eye for fashion, buyers typically have a fashion merchandising degree. Fashion schools offer courses in fashion design and industry trends, as well as business skills such as budgeting, inventory management, and negotiation.

4. Video Game Designer: All those hours spent playing video games can pay off--and pay well--in a video game design career. Video game designers are involved at every stage of a game's development, from concept to layout to programming. Graphic Design College offers the technical background you'll need to get into this cool career, including video game design courses in animation and 2D and 3D graphics.

5. Wardrobe Stylist: Stars aren't just born with glamour, their wardrobe stylists create it for them. Wardrobe stylists are image consultants with a fashion sense. They create the look that makes a celebrity shine on stage, on the red carpet, at photo shoots, or around town. Fashion design school can help you launch a career as a wardrobe stylist. Besides gaining a valuable credential, you'll make contacts in a business where networking is everything.

6. Movie Animator: A movie animator brings animated characters and fictional worlds to life using computer graphics technology. Industry pioneers Pixar and ILM have elevated movie animation to an art form, with applications that simulate facial expressions, natural textures, and movement. A career in movie animation begins with graphic arts training via an animation degree. Online graphic design courses for movie animators range from software programming to film production.

7. Sports Psychologist: "The spirit, the will to win, and the will to excel are the things that endure," said legendary NFL coach Vince Lombardi. As a sports psychologist, you could put this advice to work helping athletes achieve their full potential through psychological counseling. An online master degree in psychology can get you started in sports psychology. Many psychology schools offer sports-related courses such as motivation management and athletics counseling.

8. Sports Massage Therapist: Another crucial player in an athlete's support team is the sports massage therapist. Sports massage provides an extra edge for athletes, preventing injuries and keeping muscles in optimum condition. Massage therapy schools offer hands-on practice and training in anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, body mechanics, and basic business skills. Following massage therapy school, graduates take the national certification exam.

9. Sports Marketer: Sports fans know better than anyone how to inspire enthusiasm for the game. Those buzz-generating skills can lead to a career in sports marketing, promoting and managing athletes, teams, or sports events. Besides a passion for sports, sports marketers must earn at least a bachelor's degree in marketing, sports management, or business administration. For a real resume boost, consider an online MBA in sports marketing.

10. NASCAR Mechanic: The ultimate auto mechanic career can be found in the NASCAR pit stop. NASCAR mechanics are an integral part of the race team, ensuring that the vehicle operates at peak performance. The ability to do lightning speed maintenance on a racecar does not develop through sheer enthusiasm for the sport. NASCAR mechanics rely on specialized technician training in everything from basic automotive maintenance to fabricating and welding.

The best jobs are those that pay you to do what you would otherwise do for free. But the path from hobby to career is not always straightforward. You may come across your ideal job, or invent the position that fits your passions perfectly. Whichever course you choose, education and career training can bring you one step closer to a job you love.

Article by Clare Kaufman

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