Personal Chef Home Business

Personal Chef Home Business

Overview of this Business: For anyone who has a love for all things culinary, a personal chef home business could be very rewarding. With the increasing numbers of people who are just too busy with their work to worry about meal preparation - which could include many of us who are home business entrepreneurs - demand could be steady.

Pros of this Home Business:
  • Very low start up costs - no inventory to carry and you'll probably be using your clients cooking accessories.
  • You can grow this business at your own pace through referrals from satisfied clients and word-of-mouth advertising.

Cons of this Home Business:

  • Many people are very fussy about their food and may have special dietary requirements.
  • Professional chef experience and/or training, while not a requirement would be very helpful.
  • All food-related businesses carry some liability exposure. In this case, a client could become ill or injured from your cooking.

What You Need to Get Started with this Home Business:

You need customers - start with your friends and family. Consider advertising or posting bulletins in your church or other organization, or at local stores.

Good people skills to work with clients who may be very fussy or have children or animals who get in your way.

Culinary and food presentation skills.

Personal Chef Home Business - Real Life Example and More Information:

Some personal chefs use their home business website, word of mouth and other forms of small business promotion. Holding cooking classes at local shopping markets can also be a great marketing technique to get some face to face exposure with potential clients. Additionally, personal chefs may decide to join the local chapter of the Personal Chef Association.

The life of a personal chef is examined in this interview piece. One personal chef was quoted as saying he "Rides to the rescue of those just too tired to whip up something after long days at the office".


  1. Starting this business without the support and guidance of a national organization is difficult. Virtually everyone I talk to who has tried was under-charging for their service.
    Consider contacting and joining an organization such as mine, Personal Chefs Network, at .

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    Thanks a tonne for sharing this wonderful home business information...


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