Get free Active Referrals for PTC Sites

How to Get Unlimited, Instant, Active Referrals for PTC Sites Daily!

In my Internet business, I got 1000s of instant, active, direct referrals—and I'm going to show you how to do the same. This works with any PTC, PTR and Bux site.

Most of the PTC (Paid-to-Click) and PTR (Paid-to-Read) sites are using Bidvertiser as publishers. Only a few are using Google and others. When you advertise in Bidvertiser, your ad will be shown to more than 1000, targeted sites (PTC & PTR) at a time every 24 hours. Millions of members in these sites are in Internet business just like you. This is a goldmine! You will get tons of referrals instantly, every day. It is very easy.

How to make referrals Active

You need to have a blog (or website). Creating your blog is very easy; it will only take 10 minutes, when you join Blogger. Add some big, real payment proofs of your affiliate site with referral links (at least 3). This, too, will take only 10 minutes. After seeing these, visitors must join and be active. If you need any type of help on making Blog, you can mail me here.

For payment proofs, make screenshots from your account or search Google and copy images (just right click on image and click "Copy Image Location").

Image / Banner Code for Your Blog

html Code for Your Blog

Just change:

1. TARGET URL with your Referral ID.
2. IMAGE URL with your referral banner.
3. WIDTH is the width of your banner, "468" for a standard banner.
4. HEIGHT is the height of your banner, "60" for a standard banner.

Example code for a 468x60 banners or image:

HTML code for 468x60 banner

You can change the width and/or height for larger banners or images.

Setting up your Advertising Account:

  1. Join Bidvertiser here as an advertiser. New advertisers will also get 20$ free in clicks.
  2. Click on Sign up now.
  3. After giving your general information, go to Add New Ad.
  4. Choose Your Ad Type. Create Text Ad.
  5. Select Computer & Internet. Home Business & Get Paid To Surf/Read... Select only this category, because you will get more active referrals from these sites.
  6. Bidvertiser Category Selection

  7. For important keywords list you can mail me here:
  8. Click Done Selecting
  9. Selected Countries. All Countries. Then click Next.
  10. Set bids: $0.05 (minimum only) Never set greater than $0.05 Minimum bid (CPC):
  11. Bidvertiser Minimum Bid

  12. Create Ad (make it attractive!) Next
  13. Set Your Daily Budget as $5 or more. Next
  14. Pending for Approval (your ad will be approved in less than 2 days)
  15. For Conversion details: Go to Performance Tracker. Copy the code and paste it into your blog and you're done! Your ads will run immediately after approval. You can pause or resume your ads at any time.

Very, Very Important: Set your Daily Cap, otherwise Bidvertiser will eat your balance. The Daily cap is how much you spend for your ads each day from your total balance.

Add Funds: Minimum $20. Pay your balance with a credit card or ask Bidvertiser support for the PayPal payment option. Due to $0.05 per click, you will get more than 2 referrals for every 20 clicks, amounts to $1. So, for every $1 you spend you will get 2 referrals guaranteed. Conversions are excellent. I got 2 referrals for every $1 spent and 1 of every 2 referrals is super-active because of big payment proofs.

So, get more instant active referrals with Bidvertiser. Visit here for Legit PTC Sites. Visit here to see my PTC Payment Proofs. If you still want any type of help on making Blog or you have any query, you can mail me here. Best of Luck and Happy Earnings!


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