Earn Money by Becoming a Wedding/Event Planner

There is No Business like the Organizing a Party or an Event!

Anyone who has been assigned to plan a big event knows how much work and stress go into making sure every element comes together on time and as directed. A venue must be found and secured for the correct date. Food must be ordered and delivered or a pick-up must be coordinated. Entertainment must be found and booked. Multi-media concerns have to be taken care of as well. Guests need to be invited. Not to mention all of the thousands of other tiny details that must to come together on time to make an event work. If you're trying to attend to other duties at the same time, it can be maddening. For this reason, many companies find that when it's time to plan an event, it's best to hire a professional event planner to handle the job.

Event planning is a relatively new career field. Although the job itself is not new, many colleges and universities are beginning to offer event planning as a major or field of study. Event Planners are trained to handle special events. If you are in inexperienced employee assigned to handle an event, you can spend most of your time just trying to find a good caterer or a good venue. Most professional event planners are invaluable for their contacts and lists of approved caterers, venues, entertainment, d├ęcor, etc. Many event planners are also trained to handle budgeting, advertising, and marketing of the event. They are also responsible for the planning of the event as well as on-site coordination on the scheduled day. If planning an event is in your company's future than an event planner will be an important asset.

Are you a highly organized individual? Do you love to take the reins when a party or wedding comes up and find yourself doing most of if not all the planning? Do your friends and family come to you for help when they are planning a party or other special occasion? If so then becoming a professional event planner may be up your alley.

Being a Wedding Planner is a highly rewarding way to own your own business and put your planning skills to work. To become an event planner you should be proficient in organization, have some sense of accounting, and also know about marketing. If you don't know all of these things fear not.

There are college degrees in the area of event planning but attaining one is not mandatory to break into the business. There are many courses that different schools offer that will give a certificate in event planning. At these schools you will learn things such as marketing and networking, different types of event planning to get into, and how to present yourself and your business in a professional manner.

Your start up cost will all depend on what type of event planner you want to be. If you plan on having catering as part of your business for example you will need a full kitchen. These types of things can often be outsourced, but it is important to pick an area that you will focus your business plan on. Do you want to do weddings, parties, corporate events or a combination of two or more?

No matter what area you decide you want to focus on you will need a few items. You will need at the very least, a cell phone, a laptop computer, business cards, stationary, and an ad in your local Yellow Pages. You will want to be sure that anything of correspondence such as your business cards, e-mails, and stationary displays you logo.

Being an event planner is no different from any other business when it comes to growth. Joining the local Chamber of Commerce will give you the opportunity to network with other business members in the community and can be a great place to get a few jobs. Word of mouth is always important, but is extremely important in the early stages. The better services you provide in your event planning the more referrals you will get.

Once you have successfully planned some events and have a little extra money to spare for advertising, a good direct mailing to your target audience is always a good idea. You can also do an e-mail marketing campaign with relative ease. Having a website designed is always a great idea and can be filled with information on your company such as pricing and what types of event you cover.

But the most important factor in your event planning business is you. You have to be professional, courteous, and above all else organized. Being an event planner can take some time to perfect, but with a little bit of schooling and a lot of hard work and dedication you too can claim your piece of a business that boasts billions of dollars in revenues every year.

Event Planning is a fascinating profession that ebbs and flows with the economy, naturally, but I have found that overall; the economy has not affected the Event Planning business as a whole. You see, the better a Party Planner is, and the more efficient a Planner can distinguish the value of their services. A good Party Planner can easily point out the benefits of how they can save someone money, time and resources and should do so.

With that being said, I wanted to touch on the basics of Event Planning and what you should look for in an Event Planner. Maybe you are going to use one in an upcoming party and you want to know what to expect.

First, a good Event Planner must know about the business and how to make your Event really stand out. Now I want to stress that it is NOT necessary that someone have years and years of experience, but someone who has an innate ability to handle your Event. One of the best Event Planners I ever had as an employee was a young man who had very little experience but could immediately grasp the needs of the clients. That is important.

Second, they need to have a pretty good feel for how to handle the location dynamics for you Event. Let me tell you why that is important. Getting someone who you feel will not allow some owner of a hall or convention center to run over them, you can be assured of a better overall dynamic as far as price and overall accommodations. You definitely the best bang for your buck so really quiz the Event Planner how they would handle the situations.

Third, let's talk food and entertainment. This is vital for a great Event. A dynamic Event Planner wants to make a great impression and food is one of those classic areas that many an Event Planner find can make or break them. You definitely want some creative ideas for food ideas and display. Definitely ask about display options from your Event Planner because presentation can make a HUGE impression.

Those are some basics, but there are many other details. Quiz the Event Planner on these basics and if they pass your test, they should be able to handle the Event with flying colors.

Again it is all based on your report with the Event Planner, but trust your instincts and you will probably come out on top.

Wedding Planning and Event Planning degrees are offered by a variety of schools. Wedding planners are also known as wedding consultants and bridal consultants. Community colleges offer diplomas and associate degrees in applied sciences for wedding and event planners.

Colleges and universities offer bachelor degrees and master degrees in event planning through their business degree programs. Event planning universities and colleges provide students with skills and knowledge in managing staff as well as coordinating and planning events, such as banquets and dances.

The business of event/wedding planning is for those who like working with people, who enjoy planning large gatherings, and who are good at negotiating and networking. The event/wedding planner must be personable, a good listener, and a good delegate for their clients. They are the spokesperson in all facets of planning, including ordering flowers, hiring musicians, hiring photographers, finding a caterers, finding locations, choosing colors, etc., for their clients. Event and wedding planners look for the best services, best prices, and connections that will ensure successful events. Event and wedding planners must be very organized and must be adept at handling financial arrangements they make for their clients, as well as their own finances. Studies may include English and communication skills, mathematics, management, hospitality, sanitation and safety, computer uses for planning and executing events, foods, marketing and sales, legal issues, travel industry, and more.

Knowledge of customs and traditions of various ethnic groups and various religious practices is essential for event planners. Professional planners should expect to regularly read current materials throughout their careers to keep abreast of the latest styles, colors, and trends for large and small events.

Due to the constraints of time, energy and resources faced by individuals and organizations, there has been an increase in the hiring of Event Planners to organize special events. Be it a social event or a corporate event, event planners are sought to take care of every aspect of organizing. The responsibility of the event planner ranges from the creation of the theme to the personal supervision of the event itself.

The following checklist outlines the course of action to be followed, to start your own event planning venture.

1. Required Skills and Qualifications
You should be an active and outgoing person with great organizational skills. Also you should have good people skills. Being an event planner would require you to organize all the aspects of the event as well as communicate with the client and the suppliers to ensure that everything works out well. Since there is a lot of hard work and stress involved you should be able to think on your feet and have the strength to face any circumstance.

It would be more beneficial for your venture if you could obtain a degree or a certificate in this area since some people may tend to look for qualifications.Also having some past experience in organizing events for your office or your neighborhood would come in handy.

2. Essential Equipment & Supplies

As an event planner you should be accessible at all times. So it is essential that you obtain a mobile phone, fax machine and internet connection to maintain a steady stream of communication with your clients as well as your suppliers. In addition you should also invest in a high speed computer and a color printer. Since you are required to visit your clients, suppliers and the event site it is essential that you have your own transportation. A vehicle with a lot of space would be ideal since you may have to transport equipments and supplies as well.

3. Target Market

Events can be categorized under two main market segments. The social segment would include informal events such as birthdays, weddings, baby showers, reunions, anniversaries, etc. Under the corporate segment would fall events which are held by private organizations, corporations, businesses, charities, non-profit organizations and political parties. These could include company parties, meetings, product launches, trade shows, fundraisers, political rallies and so on.

It is up to you to decide to which segment you would be catering your services to. Also you can decide whether you would cater to all events under a given segment or only to one or two of them. For example if you have selected the corporate segment you can select to specialize in only company parties and trips.

4. Research

After selecting your target market it is important that you research and find out about the type of events that you would be handling. You should familiarize yourself with customs, etiquettes, etc which should be followed. Also you would need to study suppliers/vendors and select the ones who would suit your venture best. In addition you should also research about your competition in order to have a competitive edge above others. Also you can join an association related to this field or subscribe for newsletters/magazines in this field which would ensure that you are up to date with evolving trends.

5. Start Up Costs

The startup cost will mainly depend on the area in which your business is situated and also the market segment to which you are catering. You would have to make investments for the above specified equipments and also for business license/taxes, advertising material, legal advice etc.

6. Setting up of Functions

As an event planner- Researching, Organizing, Coordinating and Evaluating are the main functions which you would have to carry out. Once you have been entrusted to organize a specific event the best way to reduce risks and to have a successful event is to research and find out what the hosts expectations are for the event. The next steps would be to organize and coordinate the event. Lastly you should carry out an evaluation in order to find out whether the event was a success and how you can improve on your services.

7. Fixing the Correct Price

It is vital that the price you charge would cover all the costs you have endured and leave an acceptable profit for you. Your fee will depend on factors such as the market segment to which you are catering, locality, the demand for services, your qualifications and experience.

Your pricing could be charged, by the hour - where an hourly rate is set for your service, by percentage - where a percentage is selected out of the total budget, by fee for services - where each specific task would have a set rate or by commissionable rates/ add on's - where a handling fee will be charged to all the services provided. It is up to you to decide on the best pricing method which fits you.

8. Marketing Your Service

Networking and word of mouth would be the best marketing methods in this profession. In addition you can also use business cards, brochures, ads, a website, etc. to spread the word regarding your services. Building a portfolio of the events which you have organized would also be very useful when meeting up with potential clients.

Remember, Life is a Party, you just have to know how to Plan it! A successful party is not only measured by the money spent but also by the entertainment value and satisfaction brought to the Guests and Host. After more than 14 years of experience in event industry, we have learnt that "Great Parties don't just happen; they are bound to be made and directed to be a Grand Gala Success".


  1. The events and wedding planning industry has grown enormously in the past decade.Event planning is a relatively new career field.There is now training that helps one trying to break into the career field. There must be training for an event planner to handle all the pressure and work efficiently.

  2. As an event planner, you must have knowledge on how to select and provide choices to your clients, and have a wide range of resources that will let you create a memorable, successful, and unique event for the ages.

  3. Wedding planner is a good profile but it is seasonal so next best option is event management.

    Business Degree Programs

  4. if you’ve ever tried organizing an event before you will know how tough it is to get things done on time. On numerous occasions you may have had to rush through tasks so that the event is not delayed. As any experienced event planner will tell you, there is nothing more unprofessional that managing an event that doesn’t take place at the right time.


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