Auto Detailing

Your Own Auto Detailing Business

Description of this Work at Home Job:

Clean cars inch by inch to return them to factory-new condition.

Perform some jobs on a regular basis and others on a one-time basis for resale to a new buyer.

Work closely with your client to understand all expectations. Every auto detailing job will be unique.

What is the Need for this Small Business Job?

Many people's cares are like a teenager's room, carpeted with months of magazines and fast-food packages and encompassed by a "bad" nonspecific odor. Other people like their cares to be in better than factory fresh condition.

As an owner of an auto detailing business, you will use sponges, hoses, vacuum cleaners, toothpicks and toothbrushes to pick up every crumb, polish every surface, and renew every visual feature of the car.

Your job as an auto detailing owner is to run a beauty salon, not a plastic surgeon's room. An auto detailer's job description does not include removing dents or significant interior or exterior work. Whether you go to the car, or the car comes to you, you'll need the same equipment. If you travel to the job, you'll need a vehicle to carry supplies. Your vehicle should become an example of your work and should sparkle like a showroom auto!

If the car comes to you, your setup and cleanup will be easier.

If you like cars (and working for yourself), an auto detailing service may be the business for you. It makes an ideal home based business!

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