Gift Basket Service Business

Gift Basket Service Business

Are you a creative person who likes to give every gift an extra-special touch? Then a gift-basket service is the perfect home based business for you. In today's fast-paced world, few people have time to find that gift that's just right. Both corporate customers and individuals have found gift baskets to be the ideal solution, creating a rapidly growing market that could mean big profits for you.

Start-up is easy. There are few equipment requirements and no need for a retail store, so starting it from home, full or part time, is ideal And you can set your own hours and workload.

Best of all, gift baskets are fun to create and practically sell themselves. Order your guide now!

Although gift baskets are one of today’s hottest businesses, with steady growth expected to continue well into the foreseeable future, they’re not at all new. In fact, gift baskets have been a traditional form of gift giving ever since humans figured out how to weave baskets. Throughout history, baskets filled with fruit, nuts, wild game and other foodstuff, flowers and other material tokens have been presented as a sign of affection or a gesture of goodwill. The contents could be consumed, and the container then used for cooking, storing and transporting food, or for some other practical or decorative purpose. It was a gift that had great value and essentially no waste.

Today, gift baskets are equally practical and infinitely more creative. They run the gamut from traditional Easter-style “goodie” baskets to baskets made especially for golfers, chocolate lovers, new homeowners and brides-to-be. Some people focus almost exclusively on the contents; others see the basket (or other container) as a very important part of the gift. In fact, a growing number of gift baskets aren’t baskets at all—they’re boxes, fruit crates, tote bags, hats, ceramic pots, mixing bowls and more, all filled with food, gifts and other collectible items designed to delight the recipient.

So who buys gift baskets and why? Just about everyone for every imaginable occasion. They buy pre-made baskets by occasion or theme, or baskets specially designed for a specific individual. They buy baskets from large chain stores, small specialty shops and home based basket makers—and they’ll buy them from you.

The market for gift baskets is great, and as long as people buy each other presents, you’ll have a steady stream of customers. You have a product that is in high demand and that people are familiar with. You don’t need to convince anyone that they should buy gift baskets—you just need to let them know that you are their best source, and that you can deliver the product they need when they need it. One thirteen-year veteran in the business told us she believes the industry is in its infancy, with the real growth yet to be experienced.

Your revenue will be limited only by how hard you want to work and how much you want your business to grow. You can easily gross $10,000 or more annually working part time from home, or $1 million and up operating a retail store or mail order business full time.

About half of your business will be holiday-based, and the majority of that will be Christmas-related. One of the fastest-growing segments of the gift basket industry is corporate holiday orders. When the Christmas rush is over, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving and Secretaries’ Day are the most profitable holidays. Most gift basket business owners see holidays as both a blessing and a curse. They can earn a lot of money making holiday baskets, but they have to work very hard during times of the year when they might prefer to do other things.

The bottom line on making gift baskets is that it’s a highly creative and gratifying occupation. It features all the best aspects of hands-on work, design, coordinating, and planning and customer service. Your product is something you take pleasure in making, your customers enjoy buying, and the recipients are delighted to receive.

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