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Every customer has an opinion, your opinion is important. Speak Asia gives you an opportunity to make your opinion heard by different organizations. It’s Asia’s largest integrated online survey group. Our customers include multinational products and services organizations, advertising agencies, marketing research organizations and web portals.

I think all of us want to have some extra money in our pocket to full fill our extra expenses and one of the easy ways to earn extra money is online earning. Yes just spend few minutes a week and one can earn a good sum of money and that is only by giving your opinions. It is made possible by www.speakasiaonline.com. It is a survey group, registered and certified by ACRA Singapore and one of the most genuine and biggest companies operating in India.

It is a great opportunity as a part time job and doing a multi level marketing. After joining you will receive two simple surveys weekly, based on some product and can earn $20 weekly by completing the survey. One can earn $80 to $800 per month only from the surveys. For MLM 10% direct, 10% binary and $1.5 royalty income. Withdraw directly to your bank account within 7 to 10 days through international bank remittance of USD to INR.

You will get to fill up two surveys every week. All correctly filled up surveys will earn you a weekly income. This is to compensate for your precious time spent on filling up the surveys.

Today there is big competition between all the MNC's regarding their products and to give consumer's the best product. To provide the best service to consumers and to improve the Quality of their products, these companies run surveys, which make them know the likes and dislikes of their products among consumers of different Age Group.
For this they create different types of surveys, to know directly from the consumer what changes has to be made in the respective product to improve its demand.

Here you as a consumer are helping the Survey Companies and they are returning the favor. They are able to pay you because their Survey Partners pay them every time you take survey. Each Survey Companies has a contract with the Multinational (MNC) advertisers that their products should be seen by a large number of viewers say about few million viewers. Now, the MNCs pay these Survey Companies for the advertisement of their products to so many numbers of viewers. Whatever amount these Survey Companies get from their advertisers, they share that amount with viewers like you directly.

Get Paid for Your Opinion, That too Weekly!

With companies spending more and more of their budgets on advertising, your opinion is becoming extremely valuable. Participating in paid surveys means that companies can gauge your immediate response to their new products or marketing initiatives. Paid surveys can be filled in online over the Internet in the comfort of your own home or work place, so that you can register and participate at a time convenient to you.

In just India alone, Companies spend nearly Rs. 300 Billion (30,000 Crores) on trying to convince people to buy their products and services - PriceWaterhouseCoopers Source: The Hindu, PWC. They minimize this expenditure, by finding out what are the actual needs, tastes and preferences of the consumer by conducting surveys!

You will get to fill up a few surveys every week. At Speak Asia, we understand your opinion is valuable. You get rewarded for your honest opinion and the time you take out to respond to the surveys of our clients. All correctly filled up surveys will earn you reward points calculated on a weekly basis. These reward points can be redeemed 30 days after the submission of your survey. These reward points can also be used to buy products and services from us or our affiliates worldwide. But that's not all! You can also earn an extra buck by referring your friends to Speak Asia. Payments will be made as soon as your referrals join us as a panelist.

Working with Speak Asia is perfectly legal. Our online research panels for market research are legally accepted worldwide. And so is our referral program that rewards you for your extra efforts.

Sounds Too Good to be True!

It sure will. Coz at first, I found it too good to be true too ! It was only when I learnt that “If an idea sounds too good to be true, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it cannot be true.”

Although I was told about this opportunity by on old friend, Mr. Alok Agarwal. I still went ahead and did my intensive research on this. I scanned through the company’s website (www.speakasiaonline.com), I spoke to existing Panelists in Delhi, Mumbai, Kanpur and Chennai who were already making money out of this and then I spoke to one of the Country Coordinators of the company; and finally I did my Own Calculations as to how this is really possible – and I was convinced that this is legitimate & possible and Panelists are making money working from home.

Seeing people make money out of this, and take this up as a full time profession confronted me to join this opportunity. I joined as a Premium Panelist initially, and in a matter of a week, I was already making money! Later, I added more Sub-panels and i am making more out of my spare time! In fact, I found this concept so amazing, that i am now helping Speak Asia find more Panelists, and also, I am helping people find some extra income!

It’s Simple. A typical Survey has around 25 Questions with Multiple Choice Answers, and each Survey takes around 10-20 minutes to complete, that’s it! No Answer is Right or Wrong, because it is your Opinion. Every Wednesday, at 4:00 PM you will get 2 Surveys, which you may complete at anytime during the month.

Compensation Plan in Terms of INDIAN Currency

“You can earn Income from Rs. 4,000 (80$) to Rs. 40,000 (800$) per month” only From Surveys.


Plan includes two packages

Standard pack of: INR  6000/- and premium pack of: INR 11000/-

Rs 350 pre weak on standard package. For 1yr and Rs 1000 per week on premium package for 1 year.

For earning above income you have to enroll yourself with the company as a premium panelist by paying a subscription amount of Rs. 11,000 (220$) valid for 1year, in which you will be required to fill up2 surveys weekly by logging in to company website through your login id and password (which you will get upon your enrollment) and you will be paid Rs. 1000 (20$) weekly for 52 weeks (Total income in a year = Rs. 52, 000 (1040$).

Virtual Office:- Company also provides you a Virtual office with your login id & password to monitor growth of your business and see your earning details 24 -7, you do not have to maintain any records yourself as this is done online for you by the company’s high-tech software.

Referral: – You can earn more by referring this part time work to your friends relatives so that they also get benefited and you will get paid for getting them enrolled with the company, thus increasing company’s customer base. For each panel referred by you, you get 10% Rs 1000.00 (20$) this income is paid on daily basis. (You can refer as many panelists as you can anywhere in India, Singapore and Malaysia and later on Thailand, Philippines and rest of the world).

Referral Survey Income: – You will also earn Referral survey income of Rs 15% (Rs 150/- (1.5$) per panel per week) of survey income of each of your referred panels for 52 weeks (Total Referral survey income in a year from 1 referrer panel will be Rs 150* 52 = Rs 7,800 (150$).

Additional Sub panel: – You can increase your income by filling more survey. For this you can add up to 9 sub panels at a discounted subscription rate of Rs. 10,000 (200$) per sub panel with your mail panel.

(Total Subscription amount for 10 panels Rs. 1,01000 (2020$)). Then you will get up to 20 surveys (2 surveys per panel) weekly to fill up you have to work daily 1 hour (or you can work single day in a week for 7 hours and fill- up all 20 surveys) and you will be paid Rs. 10,000 (200$) every week for 52 weeks (Total income in a year = Rs. 5, 20,000 (10400$).

P.S–>> For Every Sub-panel You Will have New Surveys Not the Same Surveys. For premium panelist you get premium surveys that earn $10 per survey & standard Panelist get standard surveys $3.5 per survey.

Help SpeakAsia meet the 12-lac Panelist requirement, Refer friends and earn Incentives as well as Appraisals in monthly income! Option D is a great opportunity for Dynamic People to realize their financial success and also take SpeakAsia as a challenging entrepreneurial opportunity. Students, Entrepreneurs, Marketing Professionals etc who'd help Speak Asia Online meet the Panelist Requirement have a chance to make big money in the growing Marketing Research Industry.

Take the demo survey of SpeakAsia by clicking the Bubble:

Interested? E-mail us at tkg0909@yahoo.com with your details like Name, Mobile, City.

If This Article is helpful on how you earn Income from Speak Asia Online Please Leave Comments Below. Thanks!


  1. स्टार न्यूज़ चैनल T.R.P. और व्यावसायिक प्रतिस्पर्धा के लालच में 17 लाख लोगो के भविष्य के साथ खिलवाड़ करने से भी नहीं चूका ,स्टार न्यूज़ ये सारी झूठी अफवाहे स्पीक एशिया के खिलाफ इस लिए फैला रहा है, क्यों की जल्दी ही स्टार न्यूज़ अपना नया सर्वे ग्रुप उतार रहा है , इसी लिए वो व्यावसायिक लाभ और T.R.P. के लिए स्पीक एशिया जैसी बड़ी और भरोसेमंद कंपनी पर चोट कर रहा है, जब की बाजार में सुर्वे करवाने वाली ऐसी कम से कम एक दर्जन कम्पनियां हैं ,और ऐसी कंपनियों के मालिक तक का कोई अता पता नहीं है, वास्तव में ये न्यूज़ चैनल्स अपने व्यावसायिक फायदे के लिए किसी भी हद तक गिर सकते हैं , और अब इन पर सरकारी लगाम होना बहुत जरुरी है , स्टार न्यूज़ चैनल के पास लोगो की तमाम समस्यों को सरकार तक पहुचने के लिए 5 मिनट तक नहीं है , लेकिन स्पीक एशिया के खिलाफ लगातार 3 दिनों से एक ही न्यूज़ चलाई जा रही है।
    स्टार न्यूज़ का कहना है की Bata , Nestle और ICICI जैसी बड़ी कंपनियां स्पीक एशिया के साथ नहीं जुडी हैं. लेकिन Reebok , Adidas ,Thomas Cook , Levis , IFB , Gitanjali , Provogue जैसी कंपनियों ने GEN X बाजार में पिछले 3 दिनों में इतना व्यापार किया है की ,उपभोक्ताओ को माल की डिलीवरी करने में इन्हें कई महीनो का वक़्त लगेगा. और ये कंपनियां अगर स्पीक एशिया से जुडी नहीं हैं तो ये वह क्या कर रही थी।
    ये सारा बवेला तब उत्पन्न हुआ जब स्पीक एशिया के कुछ धुरंदरो और स्टार न्यूज़ के कुछ लोगो के बीच किसी बात को ले कर गरमा गरम बहस छिड गयी, और स्टार न्यूज़ ने इसे ब्रेकिंग न्यूज़ बना डाला ये पूरी न्यूज़ के पीछे R.M.P. ( real money power ) है R.M.P ने इस न्यूज़ को चलने के लिए स्टार न्यूज़ को पैसे दिए हैं
    स्टार न्यूज़ ने इसके लिए कुल 1 करोड़ 17 लाख रुपये R.M.P से लिए हैं। कुछ स्पीक एशिया से जुड़े हुए पेनालिस्तो ने ये दावा किया है की उनके पास स्टार न्यूज़ और R.M.P के बीच केबिन में हुए समझौते की orignal recording है। - अमित गांधी, प्रधान संपादक

  2. Thats great to hear muje to phele se hi RMP walo pe sak that saley chor kahi ke..........

  3. May be it's right but can you tell me why Speak Asia take first money then give us opportunity. It's registration charge or subscription charge but 11,000 INR is big money for a poor man. How work a poor man with this Organization. Tell me i am waiting for your positive response from your side.

    Thanks & Regards:

  4. Headlines Today is going to air another program at 9pm today - Please Do NOT Miss This Program - Please Watch This. This is the 1st time now government is involved in investigation and Ministry of Company Affairs orders immediate probe. MCA Secy tells HT, MNC being investigated.

    Panelists from SpeakAsia, company CEO, experts from RBI, ED, corporate & IT lawyers will be joining for this conference at 9:00 PM on Headlines Today.

    SpeakAsia has written to the Prime Minister of India as well and have asked all required authorities to be there where SAOL can explain SAOL Business Model as this has been misunderstood completely.

    Speakasia is also going to appeal in High Court for stay on all these rumors against all these channels.

  5. Dear Speak Asian’s,

    Save Speak Asia & Get Financial Freedom
    Kindly speak out about your past experience and feedback about your association with Speak Asia… All the Pune Speak Asian are following the trend today and would send mails before mid-night today on the following emails listed below:

    1) Prime Minister Office : manmohan@sansad.nic.in
    2) Finance Minister – pkm@sansad.nic.in
    3) Home Minister – hm@nic.in and hm@sansad.nic.in
    4) Reserve Bank Of India (RBI) – helpprd@rbi.org.in
    5) CM Maharashtra – chiefminister@maharashtra.gov.in
    6) CM Uttar Pradesh – upcm@nic.in
    7) Aaj Tak – shweta.sayal@intoday.com and shashi.dhondiyal@aajtak.com Star (Anand Latwal) – anandl@starnews.co.in
    9) Zee news – inews@zeenetwork.com and Satish Kr Singh – singhs@zeenetwork.com

    - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -

    Dear Friends,

    Thanks for your comment, I am appreciated your filing, comment just trust on company & do work honestly so we can create history in survey industry.

    I got call from Star News. I don’t know name of that person he say i am calling from star news, had you put comment “We are taking action as soon as possible, don’t worry everything is going well ” I say Yes then he tell me are you company executive or some any? You don’t you have authority write any comment. Do you get payment from Speak Asia. I say Yes Sir, I got payment from Speak Asia …



    My friend send sms & say to Star News, We are love to speak asia & we get payment (Note – If you get payment)

    Contact to Star News OR SMS @ 9305724133 and say

    ” MAI SPEAK ASIA KA MEMBER HO OR MUJE TIME TO TIME PAYMENT MELTA HAI ” (*If you get payment from speak asia)


  6. Dear Speak Asians,

    I am sure that just like the team and management of Speak Asia you too must have viewed the motivated, misconceived and baseless news item relating to Speak Asia on Star News channel.

    We are shocked to see the extremely malicious, derogatory and defamatory allegations levelled therein. The entire story appears to be planted by them due to a business rivalry with Speak Asia.

    We would like to reassure all of you that there is no truth or substance in these unfounded allegations and necessary instructions have already been issued to take all possible legal actions against the channel.

    Please be assured that we will not allow any organization or individual to impede and hamper the well-earned image, trust and respect of Speakasia and thereby attempt to impede its progress and growth. Such attempts will be met with the most stringent legal action.

    As always we stand committed to our objectives, ideals and commitments and assure you of our continuous support.

    With warm regards,

    Haren (Harinder Kaur)


  7. 11th May 2011 Star News telecasted a report on Speak Asia which not only attracted criticism from Speak Asian members but also a praise from people who couldn't understand the concept and hence couldn’t make money out of it.

    Star news, over all, did not say it is a fraud, but said it might be a fraud. It did not say it would cheat people but said it might make people wonder when it disappears in thin air. So, the question really is will they vanish or will they continually make people earn through their unique model.

    I remember Labnol (www.labnol.org, a leading technical blogger wrote few points about it being fraud but within few days he removed the post. Why?? I asked him why, but he never replied back. Another blogger of his status just replied me in private that he either might have taken a lot of money from Speak Asia or might have been wrong in his analysis. I am not sure a person of his stature would just remove his analysis for few dollars, but, as per me, he might have been legally threatened to have defamed a well settled company or he was really wrong in his analysis. Money used in settling it out of judiciary, might be a possibility.

    Again a month later few SMSs, Emails mentioning it being fraud started circulating and Speak Asia had to come out with the public notice that people who are involved in defaming Speak Asia would be legally taken care of.

    But having been busy with the biggest fair of India GenX Bazaar at Goa with so many big brands, Star News displayed it notorious spirit to increase it TRP using the name Speak Asia which is now trending everywhere, not only in metropolitans but in small towns also where people are making huge money out of it.

    My only questions are when Star News said big brands like Bata and ICICI are not associated with them, did they check out what all brands are associated with Speak Asia @ GenX bazaar and what they all are doing there.

    Factually speaking, Star news does not have time to do so much of analysis and dig into it. It just heard something and made a news out of it. TRP is the motive.

    There is also a news that “Actually there was some hot discussion between Star News and Bouncers in GenX bazzar, GOA. When repoters of Star News were stopped, they reacted and bouncers in security give stroke to one of them and that resulted in such “Breaking News” on STAR NEWS. Speak Asia will probably file case against Star News for defamation and they will run a scrolling Advt. in IPL matches also against such FAKE (STAR) NEWS.“

    Remember “Breaking News: Kanpur mein do kutto ne rachai shaadi, Kutte bhi gay hote hai. That is their standard. Believe me. I don’t trust India TV, Star News and such channels who are flashing “Breaking News” 23 out of 24 hours (1 hour for server down )

    Another think to mention here is that Star TV is itself launching a similar mlm concept. Check this out http://starpanel.startv.in. So what I understand is when they are themselves into it, they are doing this negative campaign about Speak Asia to demote them so that they can launch themselves.

    Speak Asia is a company empowering consumers by letting them skip few leads and directly give their opinions to big companies which makes a difference.

    I might be wrong in what I said but every opinion counts.

  8. Speak Asia is planning to open channels for anyone and everyone to quit Speak Asia and get his full amount refunded in case, they have joined by showing lucrative offers by anyone without telling the truth about the company.
    That’s what legal adviser of Speak Asia told media persons in a recently held press conference to clear (or enhance) many doubts.
    “The main product of the company is the internet magazine. People paying money are buying the subscription of the magazine. I agree some people have been misguided. I will recommend the company to give these people an exit option” Ashok M Saraogi, the adviser, said at a press conference.

    He further added that even the company doesn’t want people to lose money. If Speak Asia is a genuine company, they should go by his advice.
    He expected the company to come up with these announcements within a week. According to him, the fee-based surveys, which the company has been marketing as a lucrative work-from-home opportunity, are only additional benefits offered to the subscribers of the magazine. “There is nothing illegal. There is no restriction on an internet business from operating out of a foreign country” he said.
    So, basically if we go by the statements made by this gentleman and company also announces this then Speak Asia that proudly say 2 millions panelists will barely say 10 thousand panelists. Because, everyone who has joined Speak Asia is under the impression that they would earn more from the so called investment they are making.
    Or may be this is just a stunt that can make the company run for a longer time.

    We all know what is the main business of our Speak Asia. Hope they come up with something that saves it. They have been trying hard and everything possible to get out of all this clean.

  9. With  the launch of New Website ALL panelists (Existing and New Both) will need to attach the following to their SpeakAsia Account

    Id Proof - PAN Card
    Address Proof - The acceptable documents will be announced soon.
    If you do not have a PAN Card yet, ensure you apply for it TODAY itself. It takes almost a month to get a new PAN Card done if there is no pending document or errors seen. Keeping this in mind, SAOL will be giving a relaxation period on one month after the launch of new website in order to attach your PAN card.
    The communication on this will be seen soon, However, We advises everyone to apply for a PAN card now itself to avoid any kind of hassles.

    Few FAQs on The PAN Card Requirement:
    I have 3 Main Panels, Will I Need One PAN Card Or Three ??
    First of all, if you have 3 Main Panels, then its mandatory that all 3 must be in 3 different names and profiles and not one. Hence, for EVERY Main Panel, One PAN Card IS Required. If you have 3 Main Panels then 3 PAN Cards will be required.
    If you have 3 accounts in your name, you can change the name of the other 2 accounts in your family members name and can attach their respective PAN Cards. If they do not have a PAN Card, please apply for one NOW itself

    If I Have A Tripod Registered With Same Mobile and Email Then Can I Use One Bank Account and 3 PAN Cards?

    What All Documents Will Be Accepted As Address Proof ?
    SpeakAsia will communicate the acceptable document list soon

    Can I Use Same PAN Card For A Tripod ?
    No, Every Main Panel Will Need To Have A Separate PAN Card

    If I Have A Tripod, Can I Transfer The RPs From My 2 Accounts Into 1 And Encash The Money?

    Is This Rule Applicable For New Panelists Or Existing Panelists?
    Its Applicable For Both

    So, Once Again - Apply For PAN Card Today
    For Any Further Questions / Queries / Clarification - Please Post Your Questions On below comment form.

  10. in order to make a cash request,,,do i need to enter pan card number or is it new website purpose i mean shopping purpose,,,plz suggest me

  11. Dear Speak Asians,

    At this critical point of time when the fierce battle is going on in legal arena when not many concrete updates are coming we would like to provide you with following news which should keep you away from any rumour:

    1. As lot of rumour is going on that the COO Mr. Tarak Bajpayee has been released on bail by Supreme Court on 29/08/2011 is not true. We have authentic information from the official SAOL sources that nothing of that sort has happened. Though he is expected to get the anticipatory bail very soon and it will stop all the arrest apprehensions from across India by various state police in similar cases.

    2. The control of the website www.speakasiaonline.com is still not with the SAOL management so only panellists are facing problems which are pure technical in nature. There is nothing to panic because of website not being functioning properly because as soon as we get some relief on the battle field of the law correcting a website is peanuts.

    3. There are hearing of cases going on in various courts of laws in India related to SAOL and till now nothing has been proved against of Speak Asia in any court of law. Any learned person in India knows very well that any court would not deliver its judgement merely based upon negative campaigning by media against any entity. It will go through each and every fine detail of the facts before delivering the final judgement. Looking at the current scenario of SAOL case victory in court is sure but no one in this world can give a date.

    4. Speak Asia Panelists Association (AISPA) has filed a PIL (Public Interest Litigation) before the Honourable High Court at Mumbai which is now posted for 7th September, 2011, when the Government of Maharashtra is to file its reply. Apart from this some of the panelists have independently moved the Honourable Supreme court and are in the process of filing a PIL before the Supreme Court asking for ad interim relief and requested that the money which is seized by the authorities in India be brought under the custody of the Supreme court and under its supervision be distributed among the panelists.

    5. As per our official sources we can expect some critical and probably good news on the legal front in this week. So stay tuned with only reliable media and do not pay attention to rumours and for god shake you don't join the people who spread rumours for cheap publicity of themselves and play with the emotions of millions of innocent investors across our country.

    You can check your Provident Fund Status Here


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