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The Concept

With the era of globalized notion, FLC Advertisement has initiated the concept of a special segment for Market research. We specialize in providing the best services for every aspect that is required to have a feel of perfect market for a business in any streamline. With the rising graph of success and years of experience, we have now become a leading firm for market research.

We offer online market research and online market advertisement that is best in all regards. We include all the details related to market differentiation, market segmentation and so on. As far as cost is concerned we are very much cost effective. The division of amount is on the completion of advertisement being done. The referral programs being conducted are distinguished on the ground of incentive referral and direct referral. Therefore the incentives vary accordingly as per the program being selected.
For a smart earning you can definitely join FLC online!!!

This is systematized approach of earning and also the performance can really make a difference in the scale of your income. Today all MNC’s are looking forward for the approach of true feedback that is difficult without the apt market research advertisement. With the services of online market research services, the advertisements being conducted can be of real worth for expanding profits and increasing the success level. Market research advertisements give an overview of consumer’s preferences; this indeed is beneficial for finding the potential consumers. Even this gives a base or tells on the certain things that can be improved.

Our services attract for the online ventures. This is how we are able to pave the continuous aspects of growth and success. If you are also interested in the online paid advertisement for market research then we can be the best and only destination for you.

Why Join?

Are you confused about the reason why should you join FLC? If yes then you need not worry about that any more.

Today as far as the position of consumer is concerned, he is like a king! It is due this reason; we introduce you for FLC Advertisement for market research. We realized the importance of market research and feel that our initiative could be one of the best ways to drop a line of connection between the end users and the brand owners. It is a way through which the consumers can express their reviews that can be of true worth for the brands to endow best. With the help of our services you can also pursue a notion to change or choose services and products in consumer market by their feedback.
Our team consists of homemakers, professionals, students, entrepreneurs, retired people, teenagers, doctors etc. The balance of this mix of people compels many others to be a part of FLC.

The market scenario being highly competitive and dynamic makes it necessary for the brand development to emphasize more over the advertisements. With the market research advertisements, can link the consumer and owner in best way. Thus we at FLC offer such services of advertisements through which owners can optimize the results and consumers get the desired quality. Once this level of customer satisfaction is achieved you can easily secure a winning edge over market.

We also realized that Internet is a better medium to respond to market research advertisement, so as per your convenience; the online market research advertisement can be the best medium. Your opinion is of utmost importance so we ensure that every sort of convenience is being provided.

We follow the principle that honesty is the best policy, so in order to give the fair picture through the advertisements we are at your services with 100 % results.
How does FLC Advertisement Regular Income Work ?

Advertisement Plan for public with Multi Level income system, including Regular Income, Binary Income, and Referral Income, there is no any restriction or any member that he / she do level business, without it only investing money can give him advertisement income, if he do MLM then he will get extra money.

Step 1: Advertisement Income

By joining 130 market point=6500/- only

you will get 20 market point per week till 52 weeks.

Step 2: (1:1) Binary Income

You will get Binary Income or per pair- 10 market points

Binary Level - Maximum (200 Pairs) Weekly.

1 Unit = 10 market points = 1 pair

Maximum 30 Pairs Daily.

Step 3: Direct Income

You will get Direct Income or on referral ID = 10 market points per Id
Step 4: Team Bonus

The Team Bonus income is based on the Referral Points generated through the induction of panelist in each Team. An incentive of 2 market points is released whenever you have 2 market points in the left team and 2 market points in the right team, which is also known as one pair.


What information I need to provide during sign up?

Well during sign up only the basic information is required like Name, Sex, address, qualification, area of interest and so on. In short the person is only required to offer profile information.

What is the use of profile information for the company?

Since all the work at FLC Advertisement is computerized, profile information of all candidates is stored on the secured server of the company. It is on the basis of this information that the candidate is contacted via email for participation in the advertisements. Please note this information is kept totally in privacy and will never be used for any kind of advertising or anything else. Also the person is not required to buy any product or service by registering with us, nor is he/she is abstained from joining any other opportunity because of this.

Why such questions are included in profile like income, age and personal information?

The information as mentioned above is used for analyzing if the profile of candidate is suitable for any advertisement or not. Sometimes our clients require information like what is the income bracket of the person who has kids. This information, please note is kept confidential and chances of selection for our work are more if better information is being provided by the candidate.

What If I disqualify from taking any advertisement and why?

As we pay better we expect better. It is sometimes the demand of advertisers to expect specific criterions from the applicant. The reason for this can be the fact that sometimes the client may require advertisement from a particular age group of people only. So for better opportunity, it is always advisable to offer complete profile.

Are member profiles similar to advertisements?

Absolutely not! Member’s profile is only for the applicants or panelists to inform us about their selves. Member profile gives an idea about the interest of the applicant and possibility to know which advertisement would be best for him/her.

Advertisements on the other hand are usually in the form of information about particular product or service that is required mainly for the purpose of market research. Also it is important to note that advertisements are available only for a limited point of time. For instance at the time of H1N1 flue, a new pharmaceutical company may require feedback from the sufferers to know more about the effects of this disease.

What is an average length of a advertisement?

The length of a advertisement is usually dependent upon the requirements of the advertisement. But usually a advertisement can last for 10 to 20 minutes maximum.

How will you contact me for new assignments of advertisements?

Once registered we have your email address through which we will be sending notifications of new advertisement assignments from time to time.

How to get started with the job?

Notifications for new advertisements are sent through emails. All what is required is a computer with an internet connection and you are all set to earn good money through advertisements that hardly require 10 to 20 minutes.

What is the amount I will earn from taking advertisements?

It entirely depends upon the advertisement. Every advertisement notification will contain the amount of incentive along with the description. In addition if the advertisements are urgent then better incentive plan can be initiated by the advertiser. Also if the length of the advertisement is more, then better payout can be offered.

If you have more queries then you can contact us via our email id mentioned on our website. Good Luck!

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