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It’s been quite a while we could not update you on the legal proceedings relation to Speak Asia Latest News. As everyone must know that we are unable to update you all because as per the direction of the honorable mediator Retired Justice Mr. Lahoti the entire mediation process has to be kept secret.

At this point of time we request all Speak Asians not to pay attention to any unauthentic information either positive or negative. One fact which we have come to know through our SAOL sources that the mediation meeting is certainly going in SAOL panellists favour and the hearing in Supreme Court on the outcome of the mediation process is going to start very soon.

There are several court hearing going on simultaneously in SAOL matter both criminal and civil in nature, but the one on which the immediate distribution of money to the panellists and the future of Speak Asia business is dependent is the Solomon James matter under the mediation of honourable Mr. Lahoti. One clear cut instruction to the concerned govt. dept. by the Supreme Court, obviously after getting satisfied about the business model and its lawful execution by SAOL, and you will see your Reward Points (RPs) getting reflected in your bank Accounts and business getting restarted.

Our suggestion to all Speak Asians is not to worry at all because in the history of online marketing in India no Company other than SAOL has fought its case in each and every concerned court of law, so vigorously and dutifully. Generally in the absence of any clear cut law to govern online direct selling in India every time when authorities and competitors hit a Company, the promoters and management prefers to run away rather than fighting the battle. In Speak Asia's case the authorities, media and competitors got a sure surprise and the Company proved it beyond doubt that they have a sustainable business model in place and they are not going anywhere.

It is not secret that they have appointed one among the best lawyers in the country, are able to hold entire consumer base of 20 lakh people as well as employees, have no intention to flee the country in any way and fighting the case tooth and nail.

In our point of view the future of Speak Asia business will be very secure and rewarding which could be passed on to the next generation. Once the Company comes out of this legal mess every one can peacefully earn their living on it without having fear of being unnecessarily harassed by the corrupt and rotten system of our Country.

The heart wants to start celebrating but the mind advices to show some restraint till the final verdict is announced by the Hon. Supreme Court.

Hon’ble Mr. Justice R.C. Lahoti ji has concluded his mediation process yesterday i.e. 19 December, 2011.

It is now clear that all the respondents have recorded their presence before the Hon. Mediator including the elusive EOW.

Hon’ble Mr. Justice Lahoti ji will soon file his report before the Hon. Supreme Court and the matter should come up for hearing before the Supreme Court in early January, 2012 .

I only wish to draw the attention of all the Speakasians that although the matter is moving positively in our favour the relief as is being spread on various forums is absolutely false and baseless.

The WEBSITE AND PAYMENTS are not going to start before 28 December, 2011 etc. like is being reported on various forums. All this will surely happen but only after the matter has been heard and finally ordered by the Hon. Supreme Court.

"If anything goes bad, I did it. If anything goes semi-good, we did it. If anything goes really good, then you did it" …Paul Bryant

Once again I wish to urge all my Speakasian family members continue to be united, remain absolutely positive, have complete unflinching faith in SAOL .

As per our conversation with the SAOL officials following are the updates:

1. The much awaited mediation meeting under the supervision of honorable retd. chief justice of India Mr. Lahoti has been concluded. The third and final mediation meeting happened yesterday on 19th december, 2011.

2. An important fact to be noted is that the Economic Offence Wing (EOW) of Mumbai Police was also represented in the last meeting. Now each and every party has been represented properly in front of the honorable mediator.

3. Now once honorable Mr. Lahoti presents his mediation report in Supreme Court the hearing will start. It is expected to start in first week of January after the winter vacation of the court.

Note: In our view the Speak Asia case has come to a conclusive phase where as soon as the hearing in Supreme Court starts, within few weeks the final verdict will be out. At this moment we suggest all the Speak Asians to stay united and pray to god that the final outcome come in the favour of Speak Asia family.

Proud to be Speak Asian ! ! !

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  1. I proud to be speak asia penelist... jai ho saol....


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