Speak Asia Latest News 9 Jan 2012

Speak Asia Latest News is that today all the concerned parties to the case like RBI, EOW, CBDT, SAOL and others were been represented by their lawyers in court room. This was the major happening in the court room today where each and every party was present.

2. These Parties said to the court that they are unaware of the content of the mediation report submitted by Honorable Justice R. C. Lahoti to the Supreme Court, hence its difficult for them to give any decisions as they have not read the report yet.

3. Honorable Judges of Supreme Court has given orders to provide mediation report to all the Parties as soon as possible.

4. Now next hearing is fixed on Next Monday i.e. 16th Jan, 2012.

5. In the meanwhile the speakasiaonline.com website is back and operational once again. But as per the officials of SAOL the site is still with the EOW and has not been given back to Speak Asia management. The RPs which has got credited on 5th January, 2012 in your respective E-Vallets is the result of an automated process in the website and any operation has not been performed on the website from the SAOL technical team yet.

Friends ! the time to celebrate has not come yet. So there is nothing to get very excited. We need to wait for next Supreme Court hearing on 16th January, 2012. But from our continuous interactions with various authentic resources, Lawyers and SAOL officials one fact we can assure you all that our victory is not too far and we are surely going to see the business of Speak Asia getting normalized very soon. At this last phase of battle lets not get panic and wait for the next Supreme Court hearing.

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