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Bux.to put out rather large announcements now a days and it shows they’re planning to be here for a long while yet, despite all of the current problems they’ve been having. Here’s a rundown of the announcement:

New Website: Bux Reload

The biggest news for most people is the new website that they’re working on (or Bux Reload, or the new Bux script, as people are calling it). Bux Reload will solve a lot of the major issues that have plagued it’s users since the beginning of the year. The announcement states that the beta testing is officially over, and testing is complete (at least, it is for the user’s side of things). The staff still has a couple of things to test out for themselves, but it would seem as though the lucky Bux.to members will be seeing the new script in action within a week or two.

Payment Queues

The recent dealings (or anti-dealings, if you will) with PayPal and AlertPay have meant that a rather large payment queue has built up, and there are thousands of members waiting to receive payment from Bux.to. That might sound bad, but Bux also pays thousands of people every week, so it’s not as bad as it first seems. The recent announcement assures members that payments are of a top priority, and so the queue is sure to be reduced to an acceptable level very shortly.

Bux.to Shop

Bux.to recently opened a shop that sold personalized Bux.to merchandise. The products on offer included t-shirts, mugs and caps amongst other things, but will soon be expanded to cover a wider variety of things. The Bux.to shop is really a “just-for-fun” thing set up by one or two of the admin over there. However, a small percentage of the cost of each item does go to Bux.to itself.

Suspended Accounts

A lot of people have found that they’ve had trouble buying referrals when using PayPal through Reg.net and thus find their Bux.to account suspended. The problems occur when a payment is rejected for whatever reason, and the member is issued a “chargeback”. This means the money is not received by Bux.to and so the user could effectively get their referrals for free. As the current Bux.to website does not accommodate for the removal of falsely-added referrals, the user’s account is suspended instead. Bux Reload will change all that, meaning that Bux.to admins will have the ability to upgrade/downgrade a user’s account at will, and also add/remove referrals when necessary.

Bux.to Name Trademarked

Bux.to has also registered its name as a trademark, giving them a much higher legal standing when it comes to rip-off and scam sites trying to use the Bux.to name for their own ends. To check out the authenticity of the trademark, you can look up their trademark registration number - 006810238.

Amazing Sundays

They will, from now on, run “Amazing Sundays” - which means that there will be more ads and some special features for members every Sunday. They haven’t given any specifics on the subject, but it sounds exciting.

Bux Idol Winners Announced

There are a few other minor issues relating to Bux.to that the announcement addressed. The first is that of the Bux Idol contest. The winners were announced, so congratulations to those members who put in the hard work for their Bux Idol entry.

Bux.to Blacklisted

Malware Domains is an organization that blacklists certain websites known to be carrying malware, or code that could infect a user’s computer. This blacklist is used by browser vendors to help protect it’s users from potentially harmful websites. Last week, MalwareDomains decided that Bux.to was such a website, and added it to its blacklist, meaning that anyone using the Opera web browser was unable to access the site. After talking with MalwareDomains about the issue, it was resolved without incident, and now Opera users can continue to use Bux normally.

Disgruntled Staff

A couple of weeks ago, there was also a hoo-har involving some ex-Bux.to staff. A couple of staff members were found to be guilty of lying to the Bux.to owners about certain things, and so it was decided that they were not trustworthy enough to work for Bux any longer. After being let go, the staff in question sent out spam emails to members of Bux.to’s forum, detailing many false claims about the website. The emails were traced back to the ex-staff members, who were then banned from the Bux forums as well.

Bux.to Debit MasterCard

There have also been changes in applying for the Bux.to Debit MasterCard. From the date that the new script is implemented, any user applying for the card must have a minimum of $20 in their Bux.to account, which will be taken when applying for the card. This $20 will then be loaded onto the card immediately after it is activated.

Bux Academy

They had also informed us of the Bux Academy, which is a project that will be set up to help up-and-coming entrepreneurs develop their online business ideas. No details have yet been given, but there is much speculation in the forums as to what this could mean. There is almost certainly a financial aspect to the support given by the Bux Academy project.

Saved the Best till Last

OK, so we’re all sick to the stomach of the payment delays that have plagued the site since PayPal bottled it, and ran away from the PTC scene, screaming like a schoolgirl. But, in the usual Bux.to style, they have stepped in to solve the payment issues once and for all - with PayBux. Yep, that’s right; Bux.to is in talks with one of their local banks to start up their very own payment processor!

What will this mean for us? Well, nothing initially. Nothing has been announced yet other than the project is going ahead. But once it’s complete, this would be a major step forward for Bux.to, and the PTC scene as a whole. It would mean that Bux.to would no longer have to rely on external payment processors like AlertPay or PayPal. They wouldn’t need to worry about those websites charging extortionate fees, or changing their Terms of Service to exclude PTC websites. It would mean the end of payment delays forever!

What it would also mean is another potential source of income for Bux.to. If they play their cards right, they could advertise the use of PayBux to other PTC sites, and charge a small fee to allow other PTC sites to use it. With the number of PTC sites appearing on the net every day rising steadily, and the reliance on AlertPay et al increasing at the same rate, Bux.to is potentially sitting on a goldmine. Not only would it mean a reliable payment system, but all PTC could potentially take advantage of it, earning Bux a small fortune.

Final Thoughts

Well, that’s enough from me today; I should be working. I hope this update has filled your eyes with the kind of sparkle that you see in every five year-old’s when you tell them Santa Clause has been to visit. It’s exciting times for Bux.to and hopefully they’ll pull through and deliver on their promises. It’s been five long months since things went rather pear-shaped, and they’ve yet to really fix anything. Let’s hope this coming month brings them (and us) some good fortune.

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