Home Staging Home Business

Home Staging Home Business

Overview of this Business: If you have an eye for interior decorating and want to run your own home business, a home staging business can provide a great, low-cost start up opportunity for you and it's a great home business to start part-time on weekends while you're still employed.

Pros of this Home Business:
  • Very low start up costs - no inventory to carry and minimal supplies.
  • Services can be in demand whether the real estate market is strong or weak.
  • No licensing or specialized training required.
  • This is a great home business that you can grow through referrals from satisfied clients and/or local realtors: Word-of-mouth advertising is very powerful for this business opportunity.

Cons of this Home Business:

  • You'll need to find a way to get potential clients to have faith in your abilities and your advice in order to build your portfolio.
  • You may need to work weekends and/or evenings, as many of your clients will only be able to meet with you during those times.

What You Need to Get Started with this Home Business:

You should get to know your local real estate market - what buyers are looking for,etc.

You'll need to build a portfolio in order to convince potential clients that you're worth the money.

An organized means of building your portfolio - through before and after photos, success stories, etc.

An eye for design/decorating and a good idea of what's selling in your home resale market.

Good people skills to convince prospects to sign on and to handle objections from clients if they crop up.

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