Licensed Day Care Center Home Business

Licensed Day Care Center Home Business

Overview of this Business: If you love kids and want to run your own home business, opening a licensed day care center in your home could be a home business opportunity you'd want to consider.

Pros of this Home Business:
  • If you love kids, you'll be around them all the time.
  • You'll feel good providing a service you know busy parents really need.
  • The business can be rewarding as you share in the joy the children can bring to your day.
  • This is a home business opportunity with potentially high demand.

Cons of this Home Business:

  • You'll need to have enough room in your home to provide an adequate area for the children you supervise.
  • You'll probably need assistance as your home business becomes known and you start receiving referrals.
  • Licensing requirements can be strict and periodic inspections of your home may be required.
  • Keeping parents and toddlers happy can be very challenging.

What You Need to Get Started with this Home Business:

You should have some sort of formal training in early childhood education. Your state and local licensing requirements will determine exactly how much training you'll need to have in order to obtain a license.

You'll want some form of insurance for any potential injuries or potential liability that can arise from your premises and your activities.

You'll need to comply with all state and local regulations pertaining to this business.

You'll need enough physical space in your home to provide a good environment for the children.

You'll need to be a very patient parent and/or teacher.

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