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I will detail the steps to a profitable journey with NeoBux.

1. Cash outs and funding are done with AlertPay and PayPal (you must be a verified member). The minimum payout is only $2 and this is instant!

2. To Register with NeoBux, Go and click any NeoBux banner here!

3. Read TOS and Help section- found at the bottom of NeoBux main page.

4. The secret with NeoBux is the 'Golden' membership. I encourage you to upgrade to 'golden' and get the special benefits. You'll get 100% of your referral clicks and 10% of your direct referral purchases. A special feature of NeoBux is you can rent referrals for a month! This is the main attraction here in NeoBux. A golden member can rent referrals for only $0.20/referral per month compared to a standard member of $0.30/referral per month. Also, if you're still a standard member, you only get 50% of your referral clicks. So, go and upgrade to GOLDEN!

5. You must have at least $110 on your pay processor account. ($90 golden membership & $20 for 100 referrals' rental)

6. Go back to your NeoBux account and purchase Golden membership. Cost = $90/ year.

7. Now, click "Renting Balance" button and fund it worth $20.

8. Back in the main page, the third button on the right, you can find "RENT REFERRALS" - this button will only turn green (meaning available) every 5am and 5pm EST) server time, and the next purchase will be next 7 days. (Renting referrals for golden is still for restructuring, see forum)

Referrals in NeoBux sells like hotcake, gone in seconds. Sold out!
SUGGESTION: 3minutes before 5am or 5pm keep on refreshing the page until the button turns green. If it never turns green and it's already 5:01...naaahhh forget about it and wait next 12 hours - do the same thing - 4:55 and wait and refresh.

9. Finally, you're a golden member with 100 referrals!!! Congratulations!

Most probably this is your stats:

My conservative assumption: Your clicks: 9 ads*0.01 = .09, your ref clicks: 100refs*0.03 = 3.00 (the average ads for standard members are 5, but let's just take 3 ads, daily earnings: 3.09, monthly earnings: $92.70.

However, after 7 days you will be allowed to rent referrals, so I suggest what you earn in 7 days -RENT REFS!!! So on the 8th day you will have 200 referrals working for you!! Our calculation above is not that much anymore but MORE!

10. Finally, go to main page and click "view advertisement" section found on the top of the page and start clicking ads!!!

SPECIAL NOTE: Due to the fact that NeoBux has many gold members, referral renting is really in competition amongst gold members, I suggest that don't upgrade yet, and start with 100 refs and as your account balance grows, go and rent more! If you're happy with your refs, it's time to upgrade and reap more rewards!

IMPORTANT: Always read the forum for news and support. NeoBux Admin is always at hand on every situation.

Good Luck!

Join NeoBux
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  1. Hello everybody I have searched the Internet for a very long time after the perfect money income that didn't require you as a person to invest a lot of money in the system and I also been scammed many many times before in the search for economic freedom. I'm not saying that I'm a millionaire but I can honestly say that I'm paying my bills and don't have to think about surviving each and everyday.

    Neo bux works as a referral program and that's how you make money with it, its very easy to learn and you don't have to invest any money unless you want to to speed things up . And the upgrade to “golden” membership is 90$ and the purpose of this membership is making the double amount of money of your referrals “standard”0.005 per click “golden” 0.010. The key to succeed with this program is patients but as soon as you understand the concept and are willing to give it some time you actually have some fun with it , it’s like your own business that you see growing each and every day. So please try this and if you don't like it’s fine move on you haven't invested anything and if you do like it and give it some time I can guarantee you that you will prosper and make a lot of money it’s up to you my friends. I wish you all the luck!

    Some tips.

    *no auto referral options
    *Wait with withdraw until 100referrals
    *renew 90 days instead of 30 days (average of clicks necessary for making profit is 2.0 for 30 days and 1.6 for 90 days)
    *recycle referrals who havent clicked for 4-5 days or is rated under 1.5

    Withdraw options.


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