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For starters NeoBux sets itself apart from the rest of the crowd with instant payments, no more waiting business days on your money; you receive your payment within seconds of requesting your money. To protect your funds and account from hackers, NeoBux has a very sophisticated security system which is secured by a 256-bit SSL. For extra account security, NeoBux allows for a users the option to have secondary password needed to login to the account. Additionally, for extra security, users can also order a NeoBux security card. Once the NeoBux security card is activated users can chose what level of security their account has. Every time the card is required, users will be asked 3 random positions in the card’s code, printed on the back. Failure to enter the codes after a few attempts will temporarily block your account and you’ll be warned by email. Even if someone has your password, your secondary password and even your email password, they will be blocked from making changes or performing transactions of any kind.

NeoBux also has a very unique auto-clicker blocking system, requiring you click on an ad, then click a second time on a red dot located somewhere in the ad box to view the ad and receive your earnings. This ensures for advertisers that only real people are visiting and viewing their advertisements on NeoBux. Aside from these features, NeoBux also has a unique way of “making” referrals active. In order to receive any earnings from your referrals, users must be actively clicking ads; if no ads are clicked a user will not receive their referrals earnings the following day.

NeoBux Ads to click - NeoBux usually has 6-10+ ads per day for standard members and 15+ for golden members. Some users may get fewer ads at times due to their country or region.

NeoBux Earnings - NeoBux earnings are very good, as a standard member you will receive $0.01 per click on regular ads and $0.0150 per extended view ads, and you will receive $0.005 per referral click. As a premium member you will receive $0.01 per ad and $0.02 per extended view ads, and $0.01 per referral click. You will also earn 10% of any purchase one of your referrals make.

NeoBux Referrals - NeoBux does offer referrals like any other PTC site, the only catch to the referral program is you cannot purchase referrals permanently, referrals are rented. Referrals can only be rented for a month at a time, this system may seem kind of lame but there are advantages. At anytime you can replace inactive referral instantly from your control panel for just 8 cents. Another advantage to the renting system by enabling “Auto Pay” from your user control panel, you can setup referrals to automatically pay for them so you do not have to handle making a monthly payment.

Referral renting prices for standard members are as follows: 3 referrals $0.93, 10 referrals $3.10, 20 referrals $6.20, 30 referrals $9.30, 50 referrals $15.50, 70 referrals $21.70 and 100 referrals $31.00. Aside from renting, there are referral jackpots and you can refer your own NeoBux referrals for free with your referral link you get after registering.

NeoBux Site Performance / Design - The overall performance of the site is phenomenal, the design and layout is very professional and easy to navigate. Everything the site has to offer is well organized; you can really tell the site was built from the ground up. The user control panel offers a decent range of options, including graphs for tracking your clicks as well as your referrals clicks. NeoBux does offer an on-site forum which is integrated into the design of the site, there’s no need for two separate accounts like with most PTC sites that offer a discussion forum.

NeoBux Support - NeoBux has a forum and support system. The admin is online on the forums nearly everyday and is very active. NeoBux support responses are usually made within 24 hours of any inquiry or request.

NeoBux Payments - NeoBux accepts and sends payments by PayPal and AlertPay. Both standard and golden accounts have the instant cash out option, there is no waiting. You must have $3.00 minimum in your account to cash out.

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    Pays higher than other ptc sites..

    Hope you could join..

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  2. I have also great experience with neobux.
    Thanks for share great guidelines.

  3. Neobux is definetely #1. I also like the #2 PTC site...ProBux. Check it out. They are a registered company and even pay out better than Neobux.

  4. some people use auto clicker but neobux doesn't give credit for their click


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